Hi! I’m Rebecca.

I made Studio Sprout the art resource I wish I had as a teacher, a homeschooler, and a mom.

As a teacher, I know how searching the internet for just one project can be a time-consuming search to nowhere.


As a homeschooler, I struggled to find art projects that integrated with our themes and subjects. 


As a mother, I yearned for ways to nurture empathy and confidence in my child.


So, I put my 20+ years of arts education and youth empowerment together with my experience as a mom and my expertise running online programs, and Studio Sprout Online was born.


I love providing innovative art education lessons that integrate STEAM, social justice, earth stewardship and social/emotional learning, and I love even more to see my thousands of young students grow in confidence, creativity, and valuable life skills of all kinds.


Want to see what I mean? Come visit me in the Lesson Library to view over 100 meaningful art projects!

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